If you're a subscriber to our Exchange E-mail Hosting solution, you can follow these steps to setup your Exchange E-Mail account on your Android Smart Phone.

Note: These settings are as generic as we can make them. Since Android devices are varied and do not follow a unified method of setting up ActiveSync, please refer to your manufacturer’s setup guide for exact instructions.

  1. Tap on the menu button to bring up the main menu (see Figure 1)
  2. Tap on the Accounts & Sync / Settings icon (see Figure 2)
  3. Tap on the Accounts item (see Figure 3)
  4. Tap on the Add account button at the bottom of the screen (see Figure 4)
    Note: There are 2 possible sets of settings to use. If method A does not work, try method B.
  5. Method A:
    1. Enter your full e-mail address and password in the fields provided; leave the Domain field blank. (see Figure 5)
    2. Enter your full e-mail address in the username field.
    3. Wait a few moments for your account information to be retrieved (see Figure 6)
  6. Method B:
    1. Enter your full e-mail address and password in the fields provided.
    2. Enter S05\your_SAM_account_name in the DOMAIN\Username field. Your SAM account name is the same as the email address but replace the "@" with "_" and cut it at the 20th character, if the 20th is a "." use another "_"). You may also login to your Exchange Control Panel to view your SAM account name.
  7. On the Server settings screen, type in your password if it is not prefilled and delete what was prefilled in the Server field and replace with: WebMail05.MyCloudMailbox.com
    Make sure Use secure connection (SSL) is checked. You do not need to put a check mark in the Accept all SSL certificates, so leave that unchecked.
    Press the Next button
    (see Figure 7)
  8. Wait a few moments while your devices checks the server settings (see Figure 8)
  9. Configre the account settings. Leave the Email checking frequency set to Automatic (Push) if you'd like incoming e-mails to be immediately pushed to your device once they arrive. In the Amount to synchronize field, choose the number of days back you'd like to see e-mail on your phone. The rest of the options are self explanatory and are your choice. (see Figure 9)

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