When a user makes changes to files in Work Folders, the changes might not be immediately apparent on other devices using the same Work Folders. For example, if a user deletes a file from a Work Folder using SMB (i.e. when connected to a Work Resources / Remote App), other devices accessing the Work Folder might still see the file as available. This inconsistency can occur because by defailt, computers only poll the sync server every 10 minutes for SMB changes.

A sync server also uses a Work Folders client to check periodically for changes users have made using SMB; the default polling interval is 5 minutes. When the server identifies the changes, the server relays the changes the next time a computer syncs. Following this, you can determine that it could take up to 15 minutes for a change made using SMB to fully propagate.

These time periods could be lowered, but it is a setting that would affect all users and would put unnecessary load and and cause slowness on the servers. If the user cannot wait for the file to fully propagate and sync, it's advised to use another method of transferring the file, such as a mapped network drive (i.e. the 'Common' drive).